[Beethoven, Ludwig van 1770-1827] Antonius Henricus Johannes Molkenboer (1872-1960) [Flesch, Carl. (1873 - 1944)] [Casals, Pablo. (1876-1973)]


Rare 1911 poster lithograph, heightened with gold, announcing a number of concerts. Measures 48.5 x 16 cms. Foxing down the margins, a few creases and small areas of chipping around the edges, mounted to rigid backing, overall a very good example of this scarce poster. 

The conductor Henri Viotta had opened the Amsterdam Concertgebouw in 1888 and led the Residence Orchestra in the Hague from 1903.  In 1911, this orchestra played all the Beethoven symphonies in the present series, which also included performances by Pablo Casals, Carl Flesch, Conrad Ansorge and other notable singers and soloists.   "Willem Hutschenruyter, scion of  a family of musicians and administrator of the Concertgebouw, had joined the orchestra in The Hague after a row with Mengelberg.  He promoted a campaign for the construction of a Beethoven House, to a design by Berlage, in the dunes at Bloemendaal.  A concert hall was to be built there, where people could experience the consecration of art in a combination of Beethoven's music and the ambience of a temple of the arts."  (Williem Frijhoff, Marijke Spies, "Dutch Culture in a European Perspective: 1900, the age of bourgeois culture," p. 473) (13153)